Go-karting and embracing healthy competition

Andrius Ramanauskas recounts the Odyssey VC and Compliant Cloud team’s day at the racetrack and extols the virtues of finding your competitive spirit.


Last Saturday the Odyssey VC and Compliant Cloud team headed to Kylemore Karting in Dublin for a day of racing. Thrills, spills, spinouts and fierce competition. No secret agenda, tests or evaluations. “Code of conduct” does not apply. What could go wrong?

1. Not another team-building exercise

The team arrived at Kylemore in the morning already raring to go, the excitement palpable as jackets and gloves were donned and gentle slagging took place. We all know that feeling of going to yet another “team-building” exercise. Not this time. Participation was not mandatory, and collaboration was totally optional, possibly a side effect of having such a strong team. That’s not the only reason we couldn’t call this a team-building exercise, as the message was clear – all allegiances were out the door as soon as rubber hit plywood!

2. Friendly competition

If you have ever asked yourself “am I a competitive person?”, go-karting might help you to find an answer. Lap after lap, race after race, this light form of competition drove everyone to do a little bit better each time. This sheds light on a little-known secret; the power of a bit of healthy competition. What drives us to do better?

In the current climate it’s trendy to pursue the image of the self-possessed career person, striving for our goals and spinning all the plates of work, family, friends, hobbies, and self-care with the utmost success and inhuman time-management skills. When the fuel tank of our motivation is running on empty, though, how do we press on?

We saw the answer skidding around the track with abandon.

In our lives and careers, we’re all driving around the track. But whizzing around on our own trying to beat our best time isn’t always conducive to real growth. Driving around with other racers, trying to push ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of, beating our rivals and nudging each other to go faster at the same time? That’s a lot more fun.


At the end of the day secrets were shared, tactics were played, and we all got just a little bit better at it. Fastest lap of the day? We got it. 1st place in the grand prix? Sure. Having a blast on the track? Absolutely! Yes, we had winners, but there were no sore losers on the day – that’s a fact. Bring on the grand prix part 2. Are you in?

Disclaimer: No friendships were lost during the process.

Andrius Ramanauskas

Andrius Ramanauskas

Andrius Ramanauskas is a Project Manager with Odyssey VC and Compliant Cloud

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