IaaS: The benefits of moving to the cloud

validated infrastrucure

By Nicola Brady

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is cloud computing where computer system infrastructure is provisioned, managed and maintained by a third party external to the business.  IaaS can be used for hosting your company infrastructure, website or application hosting, and can provide incredible computing power for data analysis within minutes of provisioning.

One of the most significant benefits that IaaS offers is scalability.   In other words, IaaS can easily adapt and adjust to changing business needs, as well as budget.  The subscription style service model associated with IaaS ensures that you only pay for what you need.  This means that there is no redundant capacity for the subscribing company and where capacity expansion or reduction is necessary to meet the business needs, the subscription fee is adjusted accordingly.

Another key benefit is that the IaaS provider takes ownership for the maintenance of all physical hardware associated with the infrastructure.  This represents a significant time and cost saving for the subscribing company.  Furthermore, the expertise required for the management of the infrastructure is with the IaaS provider such that the subscribing company doesn’t need to have in-house infrastructure experts.

IaaS offers companies increased flexibility.  Companies subscribing to IaaS offerings can access systems where and when they need to with many IaaS systems capable of remote accessibility.

Providing 99.99% SLA and 365X24X7 support.  If at any time, hardware associated with the infrastructure fails, your environment will be built in a “High-Availability” configuration meaning the outage will not affect the running of your business. The IaaS provider provisions the replacement of the faulty components.

Utilising IaaS is a fundamentally different approach to the old ways of physical in-house infrastructure, and it is not without its challenges. Particular challenges exist for life science companies, for example, where qualified infrastructure is a requirement.  However, the many benefits are clear and companies that are taking the leap and embracing this new technology are reaping the rewards. 

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Nicola Brady

Nicola Brady

Nicola Brady is a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist with Odyssey VC and Compliant Cloud. She specialises in articles about Quality and Data.

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