Interview With A Project Manager

Project Manager Andrius Ramanauskas describes his experience with Odyssey VC so far, from the early stages to the day-to-day and looking forward to the future.

What you were looking for from your application to Odyssey?

After I moved to Ireland from Lithuania, I was looking to progress my career in Project Management. I completed both the PRINCE2 and PMP project management qualifications to formalise my experience and approach to project management. I was essentially starting from scratch and wanted to work somewhere where I could take my newly acquired knowledge of the formal project management processes and build on it. Odyssey VC seemed like a very good place to begin that process. Working in the highly regulated environment of pharmaceuticals has been the best proving ground for me.

What was your first experience at Odyssey?

Odyssey VC was in the very early stages when I joined the company and it was fascinating to see the growth of an organisation. To join at that time was, and still is, very exciting; the ambition at the company is huge and you really do feel part of the bigger picture.

One of the initial and most important learnings for me has been the understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements within the industry. Coming from a general IT PM background, the step into compliance was a huge change. The regulatory requirements, which are as much a part of our experience as they are for our customers, is a big eye-opener. In my previous involvement with software development projects, there wasn’t a strong emphasis on documented control of design, test and release. Within the Life Sciences industry, the project management steps – especially around the control of change during the design process – have to be controlled and stand up to scrutiny from a regulatory audit perspective to ensure absolute traceability.

What training did you receive?

When starting with OdysseyVC there is an intensive induction programme that gives all new joiners a deep insight into the validation requirements to meet compliance standards in our industry. This is hugely beneficial and gives context to the activity we are working on. I have since trained in topics such as Quality Management Systems and Computerised System Validation.

What is a typical day like for you?

As a Project Manager you wear many hats! I am currently heavily involved in a significant project for one of our clients, which will impact their sites globally.

The Project Management Team has expanded recently and so there is now an element of mentoring that forms part of my role. This is to help the team understand the business objectives and define and build the formal process for project management within the company for internal and external projects. I am in regular contact with our global clients, both remotely and through site visits.

What do you appreciate the most about working at Odyssey?

The challenge! It is a fast-paced environment and completely engaging but I wouldn’t describe it as stressful – we do our best to take the stress out of situations by planning. We take a very pragmatic approach to problem-solving and designing solutions. There is huge opportunity within the company to get exposure to all elements of the business and to evolve and grow, personally and professionally.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

I would like to see my career continue on the trajectory that it has taken so far. I am very interested in different project methodologies and their application for specific projects; there is no one best way. I hope to achieve certification in Agile Project Management, which I believe will deepen this understanding.

Andrius Ramanauskas

Andrius Ramanauskas

Andrius Ramanauskas is a Project Manager with Odyssey VC and Compliant Cloud

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